Hot Stepper Foot Roller- Wooden Massage Tool

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Very Little Attention is given to proper foot care. Foot Disorders developed by 80% of adults, disrupts our center of gravity and can cause knee, keg,calf, foot pain even backaches and other ailments in the body. Applying acupressure technique using the Hot Stepper Foot Roller for few minutes a day helps stimulate the thousands of nerve endings in the feet, promoting overall well-being. The Hot Stepper Foot Roller is Safe, Most-Effective, Small, Light-Weight! Take it Anywhere, Use it Anywhere! made of Hight Quality, combination of solid Maple and Oak wood.

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Aqua Green Metallic, Bronze, Dark Blue Metallic, Dark Green Metallic, Fuchsia (pink), Light Blue Metallic, Peridot, Purple metallic, Red, Surprise Me, Teal


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