7 Health Benefits Of Using Wooden Massage Tools- Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools





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Wooden Massage Tools.Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools. Shown The Bliss Package. Aqua Green Metallic

There are immeasurable Physical And Emotional Health Benefits of Using Wooden Massage Tools.

The use of wooden massage tools Has physiological and psychological benefits. The feelings of natural warmth and comfort that wood elicits in people has the effect of lowering blood pressure and heart rates, reducing stress and anxiety, increasing positive effects on the mind. Acupressure Tools such as Balls of Bliss are administered massage tools that are commonly used to help relieve foot pain and Back pain , specially the hard to get areas in the back. It is most important to relieve tension form the thousands of nerve endings in our feet. Our nervous system works to send messages from one cell to another. This produces a muscle movement and physical body coordination. Acupressure promotes relaxing of the nervous system and is successful for emotional healing. There are many health benefits of using wooden acupressure tools such as Balls of Bliss 

Using and alternative healing therapy such as, acupressure is safe because there are no side-effects. Hence the functioning of vital organs such as: brain, heart, lungs a, liver and glands become balanced. Furthermore, body metabolism such as respiration, circulation, digestion, excretion, and secretions improves, Therefore, acupressure wooden foot rollers such as  The Hot Stepper by Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools helps live a healthier life.


7 Benefits Of Using Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tool – #1 Back Pain Solution That Really Works!

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Red. Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tool (2 Stability Rings Included)

1. Made of Wood: The health benefits of using wooden massage tools help reduce blood pressure, heart rate, stresss levels. The firm pressure applied by laying on Balls of Bliss Acupressure tool in between the shoulder blades will help relax Instantly. Those acu-points in the general area in between the shoulder blades are where we mostly carry all our stress. It is very important to release all the tension from the muscles in that area. If ignored can affect the posture which can lead to injuries of the back.

Low Back pain Relief. Sciatica, Piriformis

2. Releases Stress, Musclar Tension In The Back & Strengthens Them: The muscles in the back get stiff if you sit or stand for too long, or do a lot of physical works or have a strainious exercise routine. When you apply acupressure techniques using Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tool to release the tension- this action stimulates the nerves that are feeding into the muscles. This relaxes the body and helps lower stress, resulting in creating prositive effect on the mind. Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tool is designed to eliminate tension in any area in the back , even the hard to get areas. You can relax the entire time while focusing on the affected area because your body weight does the work for you. Your body weight is the precise amount of pressure needed for you to relieve pain.

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Hot Stepper Foot Roller

3. Improves Blood Circulation: Massaging the feet is always so relaxing WHY?  The muscles in the feet are so tensed because we don’t pay much attention to proper foot care!  We are not aware of what’s going on in our feet and how it can affect our entire body. Wearing comfortable shoes  is a very important element in taking good care of the feet. Standing for too long can wear out our little feet, having flat feet, or plantar fasciitis, being over weight or simply daily wear and tear can cause too much pain or tension, resulting in interrupted blood circulation in the feet. This alone can cause back pain because the nerve endings in the feet are connected to the nerves branching out from the back and down to our feet. Applying acupressure techniques using wooden tool such as the Hot Stepper foot roller relaxes the foot muscles, enables the nervous system to relax, thus improves blood and oxygen flow in the feet.

4.  Reduces the effects of depression and anxiety: When the nervous system is relaxed, our endorcrine system releases endorphins, which is our body’s natural healing hormone, this process helps us sleep better and reduces stress and the anxiety which is related to stress. This process helps in balancing our hormones.

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5. Helps with Headaches and Migraines: Recent studies has proved that people who suffer from headaches and migraines receive positive results through reflexology. Wooden Acupressure tool such as The Hot Stepper is based on the concept of reflexology. Besides relieving headaches and migraines, it is also believed that applying acupressure techniques to the feet bring additional positive lifestyle changes.

6. Lowers Blood Pressure: The acupressure points in the feet manage to circulate blood to the entire body. When the points in the feet are stimulated by acupressure then the distribution of blood is better. This means that it also helps to control the pressure, not to achieve too high in the brain. Therefore, it promotes good oxygen supply to the entire body and increase metabolism. 

7.  Helps with Flat Feet and Plantar Fasciitis; People with flat feet have difficulties due to ligament laxity. This can cause the arch to collapse. Furthermore, it can cause people to experience foot pain after any physical activity. Therefore, adding using wooden foot roller such as the Hot Stepper in your daily routine just for a few minutes can help lessen the pain significantly and cure these conditions. In long term use, it helps cure plantar fasciitis pain and is beneficial to fix the shape of the feet.