Balls of Bliss Supplies Acupressure Tools: Enhances body’s Natural Healing ability to relieve pain!

Acupressure Therapy (aka Shiatsu) is an ancient method which helps enhance the body’s natural healing abilities to relieve pain. Massage tools such as Balls of Bliss TMare one of the most safest, easiest and effective way to relieve muscular pain and/or tension in the body. Applying acupressure techniques using Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools TM helps increase blood flow even in the deepest body  tissue. Within 15 seconds to 1 minute of applying pressure, you will notice that the pain gradually diminish and be replaced by a relaxed and warm feeling.

Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools : Smart, Effective, Easy to Use, Self guided Back Pain Solution that Works!

What is Acupressure Therapy?

Benefits of using Massage Wooden Tools! Find out Here.

Step by step Balls of Bliss Demonstration videos: Relieve headache/migraine, neck pain, trapezius muscle pain, shoulder pain, low back/sciatic nerve, hip pain, plantar fasciitis cure…



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5 Best Reasons To Own Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools!  

Get Pain Relief Instantly Anywhere, Anytime: If one part of the body hurts, such as a headache, there is a pressure point elsewhere that causes that headache. For example : tension in the neck, trapezius muscle,  shoulders, pain or pressure in the hollows of the skull can cause headaches. When you apply acupressure techniques using Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools on the Points in the back of neck, shoulders & head your headache will diminish in less than 2 minutes without any prescription drugs, pain killers or any visits to the doctor. All in the convenience of your own home. What can be better than that? 

Releases Muscular Tension & Strengthens Muscles: The muscles in the back get stiff if you sit or stand for too long, or do a lot of physical work or have a stranious exercise routine. When you apply acupressure techniques using Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tool to release the tension- this action stimulates the nerves that are feeding into the muscles. This relaxes the body and helps lower stress. Acupressure is particularly effective for eliminating tension in any area in the back, even the hard to get areas. Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tool you can relax the entire time while focusing on the affected area by simply laying on the tool to apply precise amount of pressure needed for you at the most optimum angle using your body weight. 

Aligns the Spine : Applying acupressure techniques using Balls of Bliss Tool for just a few minutes on a daily basis will help the nervous system to relax, this will enable the nerves to do their job (carry messages to the brain) and restore the natural alignment of the spine. This process helps maintain good posture, keeps the neck in alignment, relieves trapezius muscle or shoulder pain. Also, using Balls of Balls acupressure tool helps reduces the risk of any injury, especially to the lower back. Much less repeated visits to the Chiropractor, Physical Therapy, Injections, Prescription Drugs and deal with a lot of side-effects. 

Hands, Wrists & Arms Remain Comfortable: What would otherwise be nearly impossible without Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools, you now, don’t have to use your hands, Wrists or arms in un-natural angles to apply acupressure techniques in the back, specially in the hard to get areas, all you need to do is lay on it and let your body weight do all the work. By applying acupressure techniques using Balls of Bliss tool you can gently adjust or control the pressure to your desired level. You can lay on a acu-point and hold the perfect position to further target different ranges and angles necessary to relieve tight muscles in the affected area by promotion blood and oxygen flow. Balls of Bliss Acupressure tools are portable and light weight! You can use them while sitting in your office chair, or in an airplane. Use it Anywhere! Anytime!

A Healthy, Non-Invasive Path To Healing: Finding a lasting remedy for back pain, specially sciatica or tight piriformis (hip muscle) is a smart choice versus concealing pain with pills, injections or /and inactive lifestyle. Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools help cure the root of the pain instead of just on the surface


About the Hot Stepper foot roller:  Very little attention is given to proper foot care. Foot disorders developed by 80% of adults, disrupts our center of gravity and can cause knee, leg, calf pain, foot pain, backaches and other ailments in the body. If you are experiencing foot pain because of standing for too long or, conditions such as plantar fasciitis, or any other pain or discomfort in the feet, then the Hot Stepper foot roller is best to help cure foot pain. When you use the Hot Stepper by rolling your feet, the firm pressure applied helps stimulate the thousands of nerve endings in the feet which helps relieve pain by promoting blood and oxygen flow in the affected area, releasing tension from the muscles, resulting in relieving any foot pain.Thee Hot Stepper foot roller is safest, most effective, small lightweight and portable. Easy to carry any where and use it anywhere. Made of high quality with combinations of solid maple and oak wood.

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